Training Program


Camphill California is one of several Camphill Communities in North America that provides training in Social Therapy. Our four-year training program provides long and short-term co-workers with the practical, emotional, psychological and spiritual tools and insights necessary for living and working with developmentally disabled adults. All co-workers are required to receive training in Social Therapy.


Social Therapy Defined


Social Therapy is a professional discipline inspired by Rudolf Steiner, a philosopher, teacher and the founder of anthroposophy and put into practice by Karl König, founder of Camphill Community living.


At its heart is the concept that a healthy social environment is essential for adults with developmental disabilities to live productive, independent, and joyful lives. A healthy social environment is cultivated through community where all members make a contribution according to their ability. Establishing the necessary spiritual, social and physical conditions for this form of community to thrive is the art and science of Social Therapy.


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"It seems to me... that the social structure of a social organism with handicapped adults is all-important - a social structure in which the difference between coworker and handicapped adults slowly disappears and the principle of complete equality rules..."
~ Peter Roth, Camphill Botton Village, England