Our Workshops

At Camphill California, community members are responsible for maintaining six acres of organic flower, herb and vegetable gardens; an orchard and a vineyard. Others work in the weaving studio, crafting a variety of hand-woven itemss. Maintaining two large residential houses and smaller homes is another daily responsibility of community members.


Working on the Land

Camphill California cultivates an ongoing relationship with the environment by following biodynamic and organic gardening practices that heal and revitalize the earth. As part of our continuing effort to give back to the local community, each month our gardeners work to maintain and cultivate Greenspace, a neighborhood park.


Working in the Weavery

Our weavery has 2 large rug looms, 4 floor looms, several table looms and many inkle looms! Our hand-woven rugs and placemats are made from recycled, mostly cotton fabrics. Our table runners and wall hangings are hand-woven from hand-dyed cotton fabrics. We also work with wool. Our pillows are stuffed with homegrown lavender.


We are members of the Santa Cruz Handweavers Guild. Items from our workshop have been displayed at the Santa Cruz County Fair and sold during holiday events at our local Waldorf School.


If you are interested in commissioning or purchasing items from our weavery or in receiving a tour, please email katherine@camphillca.org. To learn more about our gardens or for a tour email info@camphillca.org.


View "Abilities" a video about Camphill Communities California by Art Perez.



"The beautiful and vibrantly abundant biodynamic gardens at Camphill provide both ample learning opportunities and a reflective sanctuary for residents and guests alike. After a visit to the gardens, I never fail to leave inspired and renewed as well as vibrantly abundant myself."
~ Delmar McComb, Biodynamic gardener and designer, friend of Camphill California