We will start accepting volunteer applications for the service period July 2015 to July 2016 from January 2015 on. If interested, please send application to You can also check our openings online.


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Are you interested in gaining expertise that can be applied to numerous professional fields such as social work, education, psychology, management, and communication? Do you want to learn more about yourself? Do you want to make an impact on others? If you are at least 20 years of age, apply to become a short-term co-worker at Camphill Communities California. It is an experience that might change your life forever!

"Having responsibility for other people, especially older ones, was a new experience for me. In the beginning it was not easy to have so much responsibility but now I grow stronger and I can see the improvement in myself. It's definitely a positive experience in my life."
~ Daniel Stengele, first-year co-worker, 2007-2008


"Life at Camphill is different. The focus is on everyone's strengths, so that each member of the community can uniquely contribute their best. People make the place, as is often said, and Camphill California is a wonderful place."
~ Andreas Hoffrichter, first-year co-worker, 2005-2006


Short-term co-workers live and work at Camphill California for a period of at least one year. They are responsible for the direct care of adult-residents. They also help run community workshops, organize cultural activities, and perform household responsibilities including cooking and cleaning. A typical day consists of a community gathering in the morning, 3 common meals, morning workshops, afternoon cultural activities and responsibilities to the home throughout the day and in the evening.


Benefits include one day off a week, a private room, board, healthcare, monthly stipend, a two-week vacation, and training in social therapy. After one year, additional benefits are offered such as an increase in stipend and length of vacation.


Applicants must have English language fluency, a willingness to work with others and an interest in community life. Because we work with a vulnerable community, the State of California requires all applicants to undergo a background check and/or obtain a police report.


To apply contact

American co-workers may also apply to be a co-worker through Americorps. As an Americorps volunteer, you receive extra training and an education award after completing one year of service. 


If you have previous experience living in a Camphill Community and are interested in long-term position contact us at